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"Gymnast With Chalk", Original Oil Painting by Evgeny Yasvin Circa 1961

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Approx. 3 Days
This painting comes from our collection of original Soviet-era oil paintings. The collection is laid out like a timeline through Soviet Russian history, starting when the movement began between the late 1920s and early 1930s. The movement, which has three distinctive styles - Classical, Working Class, and Severe - can be traced back to Vladimir Lenin. The philosophy of the Communist leader was that all art produced should be for the people and should be easy to understand, while at the same time reflecting a social ideology. The artists of the Classical period focused on landscapes, still life, and portraits. Paintings of Russian field workers and factory workers, produced during the Working Class period, illustrate clearly the propaganda these artists were forced to place in these paintings. During the Severe period, the artists began pushing the edges of what was known as acceptable art. The paintings around this time begin to exude color and the paint quality, brush strokes and compositions all begin to change. Evgeny Stanislavovich Yasvin was born in Vitebsk region, Belorussia in 1935. Yasvin attended the Stalinabad Art College and was a member of t he Belarussian Union of Artist. He primarily lived and worked in Vitebsk for his entire carrier. Canvas measures 31" W x 33" H This oil painting comes in the hand-made, closed corner, gilded frame by Richard Tobey in which it is photographed. Signed and dated on the back. Don't miss the opportunity to own one of these masterpieces.