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David Hockney Drops

Hockney’s “A Bigger Book” was published through TASCHEN in 2016, and it features 60 years of work back to his days as a teenager at the Bradford School of Art all the way through recent series of portraits, iPad drawings, and Yorkshire landscapes. It includes a combination of more than 450 drawings, graphic works, portrait photos, and text based on writing by Hockney himself.  Hockney was present at every stage of publication, meaning every work that’s featured in “A Bigger Book” was hand-picked and approved by the artist himself. Hockney considers himself to be an artist that doesn’t look back or live in the past, so this book is just as much a personal review as it is a record of his works.

Mr. Marin has purchased two of Hockney’s limited edition “sumo” publications of “A Bigger Book,” one for the archives, and one where we delicately removed selected pieces and artfully mounted them with 4 & 8-ply archival mats to be sent out and shared with you. We at Mr. Marin are honored to offer special periodic drops from this collection.

Due to the limited nature of these pages, once a piece has been sold, it cannot be restocked.