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About Us

Who is Mr. Marin?

For six decades Mr. Marin has traveled the world in search of art, accessories, manuscripts, and curiosities that dazzle the eye and feed the soul. Art is not just the search for beauty, it is a search for an objective truth...a search for a historical record as proof that we existed. The hunt for unique works of art started over sixty years ago. The art which has been archived for decades (until now) is the foundation of The Mr. Marin Collection and available for sale on this site for the first time.

Cultivation of new works of art continues to this day. Whether walking through open markets and narrow alleyways in France, sipping black tea in a far off corner of Eastern Europe or toasting with cold Russian vodka in a private home in Ryazan, in the former Soviet Union, the search for new art is ongoing. It never ends. 

There have been three generations of Mr. Marin responsible for the curation of what is presented on these pages. Our hope is to have you coming back to see what we have added and what has moved on to a new home. Come, take the journey with us and see the world through our eyes.

-Mr. Marin