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"Branching Blossoms" Abstract Still Life by Jill Krasner

Mr. Marin

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Original abstract mixed-media still life painting on a large, stretched canvas by Jill Krasner. The piece measures 30" x 36" overall. The piece is ready to hang in its new home with hanging hardware pre-installed.

“Making art is my anchor. The process of creating grounds me and keeps me in the moment. There is no past and no future in my studio; there is just now, which is where I belong and where I do my best work.”

“Like most other people, I have experienced many detours in my life journey, some big and some small. When I came to Florida's beautiful west coast, my work changed. It became brighter, more colorful, lighter, and looser. I experimented with new materials, colors, and subject matter. I began adding collage materials and found objects. I started using watercolors and inks along with acrylics. I rediscovered oil paint in a new way by mixing the oils with cold wax to add depth and texture. My work became more abstract and symbolic."

- Jill Krasner