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Artist Spotlight - Jill Krasner

Artist Spotlight - Jill Krasner

Posted by Mr. Marin on Jan 5th 2022

Our relationship with the artist Jill Krasner is one borne out of serendipity. One day, while scrolling through his Instagram "Explore" page, Eduardo (Soicher-Marin CEO) continued to come across eye-catching pieces of fun art created by Jill. Her page is filled with images of quirky still lifes, fascinating abstract land and seascapes, and mixed-media pieces with paper collage. Being of a curious nature, Ed decided to reach out to Jill who (to his delight) works out of a studio in Sarasota not too far from Soicher-Marin HQ. After trading a few messages back and forth, Jill invited Ed and his creative team to her studio to get a closer look at her work and to speak about possibly licensing her art for an upcoming Soicher-Marin line. After that visit, not only had it been decided that we were going to start working on a future line with Jill, but we were also going to purchase a substantial amount (over 100) of her original pieces to sell here on Mr. Marin. The art in this collection is fresh, bright, and exciting. The collection also varies in size from small 6" x 6" pieces on handmade wood frames to oversized stretched canvases measuring 60" square to intricate paper collage fold out books.

I spoke with Jill over the phone recently to get a better understanding of her creative process. She considers herself as being an intuitive artist. Working from instinct rather than a blueprint, photograph, or reference. Jill starts by “activating” her canvas by mark making. She’ll use pencil, crayon, etc. to begin bringing her canvas to life. Jill creates her art by working in layers adding oil, watercolor, wax, collage, etc. moving from one work in progress to the next until she feels the piece is completed and the subject fleshed out. Jill wants her audience to “get lost in her paintings”. Her artwork begs you to take a closer look.

In Jill’s own words, “Making art is the thing that keeps me grounded and in the moment. Making art is my anchor. There is no past in my studio, no future. There is only now… and now is where I belong, where I do my best work.”

We are thrilled to be able to share this vast collection with our audience! Check back often as we continue to load more of Jill’s work for sale on Mr. Marin’s site.

Be Well,