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"Autumn's Jubilation" Original Watercolor Painting

Mr. Marin

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This piece is a part of our “Seasonal Refinement” collection, which examines the complex growth one may experience throughout the seasons of the year.

Painted on arches paper.

Measures 15” x 19."

In pristine condition.

Original artist signature in the bottom right corner.

Sold unframed.

About the artist:

Karrie Ross is an artist based out of Los Angeles, California. She was a freelance graphic artist working around the LA entertainment industry, and eventually merged into advertising agencies and design studios. She participated in “art-in-the-park” shows from 1985 to 2016 and broke off from her corporate job to pursue her own book cover design business in 2007. Around this time, she started selling reproducible original paintings to Soicher Marin Gallery (also based in L.A. at the time). Her art has been featured in publications such as Diversions LA, HSC News, and Artist Portfolio Magazine. Ross’ distinctive abstract pieces revolve around the central theme of energy. She believes that the potential to create one’s own energy has the power to alter a person’s experiences and life circumstances. She states that her most important lesson learned, although not always followed, is not to close doors. Ross recently retired in June of 2023 at 73 years old.