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"Fucus nodosus", Bradbury Nature-Printed Seaweed Prints 1859

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"The Nature-Printed British Sea-Weeds” by Bradbury and Evans, published in 1859.

These intricately detailed prints were created using the “nature-printed” process developed by the Austrian Alois Auer and perfected by Henry Bradbury. In this unique process a plant is pressed into a plate of soft lead, leaving an impression from which an electrotype is made. The resultant prints are incredibly life like and true to nature, capturing the fine detail of each seaweed without the interpretation of an engraver or artist.

The beauty of the seaweeds is startling, as it is nature printing at its very pinnacle. On many of the prints, it is possible to feel the raised surface of the inks used. No web photograph can completely capture the subtle detail, but the pictures provided are as accurate as possible, so please inspect them carefully.