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"Fish", Handmade Glass Decoupage (SOLD)

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8" x 11" Rectangle

7 years ago, Soicher-Marin wanted to find a new way to get their images (an archive of more than 30,000) into peoples homes, work spaces, etc. After taking some time to discuss the idea, we thought of glass decoupage as the vessel for the new venture. Working Title Accessories was a company borne out of the love for the image. Like in the framed creations at Soicher-Marin, the [framing] of the image within each shape on each tray creates its own aesthetic, its own point of view. Each size, shape, curve, and depth was carefully chosen to respect and celebrate the art residing within the lovely handmade work.

Working Title Accessories stopped production on new decoupage in 2016. The pieces we are offering here were left over samples which resided in the Soicher-Marin showroom in High Point, NC. We will be putting up the remainder of these sample items for sale in batches as we bring them back from the showroom.

This piece uses an image from the Soicher-Marin archives.

Handmade in the USA.